21 Jul 2020 / Geen onderdeel van een categorie

Media coverage

Recently one of our NB IoT projects was featured on Dutch National Television. Supporting elderly people with a ready to use device for emergency messaging.

Mrs. Zwart who is interviewed is one of the people who was asked to test the emergency button. “It worked fine the first time. I was called back immediately by the control room. There was nothing wrong then, just a first test.”

A local welfare organisation also participates in the project by supporting the users. They notice that elderly people need a new emergency button because modern phones are too complicated, too heavy or too big.

When pressed twice, the emergency button makes contact with the emergency center. The caller then calls the person himself or herself for a check-up. If he or she does not respond, someone from his or her social network is contacted. For example, a neighbor or a family member who lives nearby and can go and have a look. If the contacts are unreachable, the emergency services are called in.

The video fragment is unfortunately without subtitles and entitled to the Dutch National Television (NOS) and regional television RTVNoord.