Montr IoT

Next Level Mission Critical Communication

Cellular IoT

A unique - approach to cellular IoT

Stop struggling with device management, security requirements and all kinds of connectivity issues. Plug and play with cellular IoT
Elevating Connectivity

A holistic approach for next level sensor integration and mission critical communication

Use the Montr IoT button PCB for different kinds of usecases:
Cellular IoT

Super simple, easy to use and configure – within 1 day up and running - general specifications:

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Secure & Cyber Resilience Act compliant. User centric.

How are our devices being deployed?

Some examples of how our devices are being used on a day to day basis

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Lone worker personal alarm button – even in the most challenging locations connectivity is possible. Indoor, outdoor on land and sea

Cost-Effective Security

Indoor alarm buttons on fixed locations – significantly cheaper when compared with the classic installed and integrated panic button

Smart Streetlight

Action triggering – switch on smart streetlights based on your exact location for example

Revolutionizing Industry

Industry 5.0, integrate with existing mobile infrastructure like fuel couplings or fluid pumps for 24/7 incident monitoring and enabling predictive maintenance.
Mont Back Office

We provide comprehensive services, including wearables, along with a back office/device management system


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