Privacy & Security


Since the start of Montr in 2015, we have considered privacy and security as one of the core values of our services. As a result of this you did not hear us in the spring of 2018 calling ourselves “GDPR proof”. Because we already, for quitsome time. After all, the GDPR was mostly about strengthening already applicable legislation. On this page we offer you a brief overview of our methodsand we provide a link to the privacy statement.


For us, privacy means that you remain the sole owber of data that has been generated. Montr only stores this data for a very short time, and in no way shares it with third parties. Also, not because, for example, we use third-party software for analysis purposes. The temporary storage of processed data is tied to a specific goal, maximum support of our users. Therefore, Montr stores data for about 3 weeks before all processed data is erased.

Information security

Our applications often process special personal data that require us to use the highest standards for processing them. Our users must also be able to trust Montr 100% in this aspect. Validating this trust is even more important and for that reason we have extensive privacy & security compliance documentation available for each product.

In addition, all work processes have been described and worked out and when applicable the items security and the handling of personal data are addressed in these process descriptions.

Evolving model

Our privacy policy and dealing with security is of course not a static whole. This is constantly evolving and we are also explicitly looking for improvement and optimization with our existing and new customers.

Regarding our emergency button application (Android & iOS) we request the user to allow Montr to use the location. However we do not track users. We only use this location when an actual alarm is triggered. That is the only situation we fetch the location with the sole purpose to determine at which exact location the alarm was triggered. 


Montr only offers business to business (b2b) services and does not currently have individual users as customers. If an individual nevertheless has a question about any processed and stored personal data via a Montr application, they can always contact Montr:  

+3170 22 11 993 /  

Please note that when requesting access to or destruction of personal data, you must provide sufficient proof of your identity as we request. We reserve the right to deny access to any user if we believe there are questions about your identity.

You have the right to submit a complaint to the competent privacy authority that is related to our processing of personal data. For the Netherlands, this authority is the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which you can contact through: