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A safe place to work with the Montr Emergency button application

Provide your lone workers with the most easy-to-use personal alarm system. Skip the big and bulky panic button that is usually left at the office.

Montr redesigned the whole concept using state of the art technologies, resulting in a small emergency button that can integrate seamlessly, without a flaw into the daily routine of your employees.

Societal changes make that more and more lone workers experience aggression. for employers there is the legal requirement to provide a safe working place, also out of the office. And companies with no interest in safety of lone workers usually experience a higher sick leave. Your employees are worth it.

Montr Safety button

How does it work?

With a button press you activate the alarm

Within seconds the Alarm Response Center (ARC) is alerted

The ARC operator will initiate the response protocol

Colleagues and or emergency services will be called depending on the preferences

Montr Safety button

How does it work?

Download the smartphone app
Pair the Bluetooth button
(only once)
Depending on the location, set the address
Ready to go!

State of the art, easy to use and 100% reliable.

The alarm button flashes a blue light when connected.
Really small - 47 x 47 x 7 mm and featherlight (14 gram, battery included)
Battery can last depending on the use between 6 and 12 months. Accelerometer integrated, automatically switches on (when lifted) and off (when not in use after 24hr).
Device is sourced by Montr, Dutch technology, GDPR proof. Using European sourced components like the nRF52 for Bluetooth.

Alarm response

We collaborate and integrate with certified Alarm response centers with guaranteed response times, 24/7
For each user we create a personal action pattern in case of an emergency – personalized response
When the button is pressed it will make a non-intrusive sound when the alarm is triggered

Ease of use

Plug and play
When visiting an address, just enter zip code and house number
GPS location is always integrated with alarm message
Although non-intrusive in use, it also helps to increase general security awareness
Can also be used to ‘escape’ before situation escalates
Employees appreciate it as a sign of appreciation by the employer

Multiple use cases

Can be used in the office, just select specific conference room or building
Sequence of alarming is set according to individual needs.
Outdoors, also in areas without LTE coverage with IoT button

(office 365, Azure AD SSO)

Integrate agenda using Office 365
Single sign on using Azure AD SSO
Connect with any Alarm Response Center


IoT (NB IoT, LTEm1)
Recording of the actual alarm situation
Fall detection (in the button) as additional option
Live tracking as an option
Voice command for triggering an alarm

A modular and flexible system that offers a reliable solution for every challenge

Every part of the application has been developed in-house.
High tech proudly made in Holland.

A safe place to work with

The Montr Emergency Button Application

The Montr Safety Solutions platform will continue to grow in a fast pace.

Are you interested in a specific application for your work area?

Let us know, we look forward discussing this in more detail.


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Use Cases

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We can provide both a digital demonstration, or a demonstration at your office.

During this demo we will explain in detail how the system works, and your employees can test and validate the system themselves. When interest is sparked, we usually offer a free trial period.

The Montr Enterprise platform is structured in a way that we can easily customize our apps to your specific workflow.
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