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For many organizations, it is difficult to digitize the last piece of workflow that goes outside the door in an efficient and affordable way. This is a pity because often a lot of savings can be found here. Montr has a nice trackrecord in realizing the full digital potential. We develop leading applications that will help your organization realize a fully digital workflow.
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Top notch solutions which drive operational efficiency
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Safety Solutions
Achieving personal safety in the most challenging environments
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Montr IoT
Sensor & IoT integration in your workforce
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Health Solutions
Driver of operational excellence and efficiency
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NB-IoT future for personal safety alarms

The Nordic nRF9160-based ‘Montr Emergency Button’ can reach places no other wireless signal can go such as…

Montr proud member of the HiPEAC network

HiPEAC is a European network of almost 2.000 world-class computing systems researchers and industry representatives. 

Emergency messaging over Narrowband IoT network

Montr presents topnotch technology during DIH event 2018 in Warsaw. 

Narrowband IoT integration

The Montr emergency button is in continuous development. The next integration is that of the Narrowband IoT technology

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And for your workflow?

The Montr Enterprise platform is structured in a way that we can easily customize our apps to your specific workflow. The wishes of your organization and the specific characteristics of the relevant work process are central to this. This includes pre-loading scheduling and customer data and then automated processing of the generated reports.