15 Jun 2022 / Montr reporting application

Participator ‘Hâck the Hague’

Montr application successfully tested during Hâck The Hague ’21

As a software supplier to the municipality of The Hague, Montr was asked to have its systems tested during the annual ‘Hâck the Hague’ event. This is a so-called hackathon where ethical hackers are asked to test registered systems and applications for possible vulnerabilities.

Although exciting, it is above all an excellent initiative by the municipality of The Hague to openly test the possible vulnerability of their applications.

We have of course not been able to see all the attempts that have been made, but the participation number of 152 professional ethical hackers and 54 students indicates that serious attempts have been made to identify vulnerabilities. See also the results in the press release below.  

We are therefore pleased to report that during the day only a single ‘minor vulnerability’ has been found in our application. The nature of the vulnerability was that it cannot be exploited. A fix for this finding will be released in the course of this week. Given the serious nature of the event and the quality of participation, we are proud of this result. Cybersecurity is a part of our business operations that requires constant attention and in which we invest a lot of time and effort. It is therefore good to see that this is also having the desired effect in practice.

The overall result of this day for all tested applications that had been registered by the municipality was 125 reports. Approximately ten percent of these reports had a high-risk profile. The risk profile of a quarter of the calls was classified as ‘medium’ and half of the calls had a low-risk profile. The remaining fifteen per cent concern reports that have hardly any impact, but which it would be wise to solve.

For more information about the event, check the press release.