21 Jul 2020 / Geen onderdeel van een categorie
Media coverage

Recently one of our NB IoT projects was featured on Dutch National Television. Supporting elderly people with a ready to use device for emergency messaging.

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8 Jun 2020 / IoT
Robot in action – PCB production

Feels like years ago, but just a few months ago we finished the first production run of Montr IoT emergency button. With support from Nordic Semiconductor ASA we created a beautiful product.  

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5 Jun 2020 / IoT
Emergency messaging over NB IoT

The Dutch start-up Montr is one of the first companies in the global market that uses the NB IoT network for emergency messaging. Cellular IoT provides highly secure and reliable transmission with limited energy drain on the device, which is always switched on and available – month after month.

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25 Jul 2019 / IoT
NB-IoT future for personal safety alarms

The Nordic nRF9160-based ‘Montr Emergency Button’ can reach places no other wireless signal can go such as…

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22 Nov 2018 / IoT
Winning Tetramax bid

The Montr Emergency button will be integrated into the Norwegian ‘Smarthelp’ alarm system. This safety and security messaging system was originally developed and launched in Trondheim but is scaling up to a nationwide implementation.

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