8 Jun 2020 / IoT

Robot in action – PCB production

Feels like years ago, but just a few months ago we finished the first production run of Montr IoT emergency button. With support from Nordic Semiconductor ASA we created a beautiful product.  

An IoT emergency button that uses Narrowband IoT and LTE m1. This means excellent coverage, low energy use. And it is super easy to use. Always on, no recharging required.

Below a link to a short video of the production of the boards in the factory of L-TEK .

We started the first projects already. Supporting elderly people who are isolating due to the COVID restrictions. But it is also used as a standalone emergency button to deter aggression or support lone workers. The device itself requires zero user setup which makes it a perfect solution for non-tech orientated users.  

During the development we achieved some interesting accomplishments:

  • Integration and validation of MFF2 simchips of multiple telecom operators.
  • Regular use of NB IoT with excellent indoor coverage, but with the same device employing LTE m1 to receive firmware updates over the air.
  • End to end encrypted emergency messaging over NB IoT to an alarm response center. A global first as far as we are aware.

But this being only the starting point. Mastering the technology itself opens up a lot of unprecedented possibilities. At the moment we are investigating the use of voice over LTE m1. And we can also easily add different components to the board like an accelerometer (fall detection) or distance measurements using Bluetooth.