21 Jul 2020 / Fraude Investigator App
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Covid proof inspection tool

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities reported recently about a breakthrough project with the Montr Inspection application

One of the cornerstones of the Dutch welfare state is the strict monitoring of possible abuse of social benefits. Dutch municipalities have a central role in this. With the outbreak of COVID-19 this monitoring -of which home visits play a key role- came to a halt.

Where one municipality is still waiting to carry out home visits due to COVID-19 restrictions, other municipalities are already on the road with the necessary precautions. In the one of the “IJsselgemeente” they choose a middle course. Soon they will visit clients again, but they will also go in digitally.

Home visits are a common means of investigating doubts about the living situation of clients in relation to social assistance benefits. The corona time provides an extra challenge in this respect. In the “IJsselgemeente” they are currently using an adaptation of the Montr inspection app already in use here. Fred Struik, senior employee Intake & Enforcement, explains this adaptation.

Can you take us step-by-step through the operation of the app?

“In this ‘Self-inspection application’ we enter the details of the client we are visiting, including his e-mail address and telephone number. If we are at the client’s doorstep, we send him a link to his email address from the app on our iPad. We make use of regular informed consent. This link can be used only once. If the customer opens the link, he will receive a verification code by text message in order to prevent abuse and errors. The customer uses his smartphone for this purpose. If he doesn’t have one, he can borrow a device from us.”

“After entering the verification code, the customer is shown an easy to fill set of questions which he has to complete and where he has to take a number of pictures. Like an overview of the living room and the water meter reading.”

“We can see from outside, on the doorstep, what data the customer provides and whether the photos are relevant and clear. This gives us the opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. Ofcourse we can watch and advise on adjustments, but we can’t change anything ourselves. Once the questionnaire is complete, the customer signs it on his smartphone with and a report in pdf is generated which we can download immediately. Inspection finished.”

The text above is a translation from a recent article on the VNG website.

COVID safe inspection

De Montr Inspection application is a easy to deploy tool which can be used in any language, and for any inspection proces. From industrial inspection, medical investigations or fraude investigation.

When there any questions on the application don’t hesitate to reach out or take a look at our product page.