5 May 2017 / Uncategorized

More efficient, because you can

Is digitizing the “analog” workflow of your outbound employees perhaps less complex than thought?

Previous attempts with laptops or web applications may have resulted in a (costly) disappointment. At the same time, employees see the need but still judge the current analogue method as most efficient. A much-heard argument of executive staff is also that there is no time (!) for innovation.

Because we work with a concrete business case that is tailored to your workflow, it is clear beforehand what the saving potential is with its net revenue.

Then remains the biggest potential obstacle, the implementation on the workfloor. But keep in mind, we have extensive experience on this and support our customers hand on with this. We use three basic principles:

1.) Your employees are also aware of the fact that the work can be more efficiently arranged. Their reference point is that everyone is working on a tablet today. When the postal services can work with… They can and will not withdraw from that logic.

2.) Form a small team of colleagues who like to to start participating in the roll out. These become the ambassadors. They are also involved in the app’s layout, functionalities and questionnaires so that these are fully aligned with the workflow. Next, the app is delivered step by step among the other colleagues.

3.) From the management we ask two things. That they give their employees space and time to get used to working with the app and tablet. This will take some time. And that one commits itself to the premise that all employees will work with the app within the foreseeable future.

Our promise then is that within the foreseeable period, employees working with the app will wonder why they have not done so before.