5 May 2017 / Uncategorized

Emergency button in Montr apps connected with ARC

In order to guarantee the safety of your employees, Montr offers an additional emergency button. This functionality is easily integrated into your app.

Because the address has already been set in the Montr app before entering the house or business premises, this information is also useful for an emergency notification. The possibility and need for an emergency report is often overlooked Just because serious incidents occur only sporadically, risks are often set aside.

However, it is very easy for you as an employer to provide a low cost and easy to use solution. It’s worth considering because in addition to your legal responsibility to provide a safe work environment, long-term employee failure due to annoying past safety incidents is a real and painful risk. This is often insufficiently recognized by employers.

The common solutions like a mobile phone or the big bulky GPS panic button won’t work. It is not always possible to place an emergency message in a threatening situation. For example, because the mobile phone is not accessible. This also applies to inspectors or other employees who perform outbound activities.

Our customers who already work with Montr apps for digital reporting during these outpatient activities have the disposal of such a digital emergency button in the app itself. This can be unseen and easily pressed by the employee. After pressing this emergency button, a digital emergency message is sent. In this emergency report, the alarm code, the name of the employee, the department concerned and, of course, the exact address of the emergency report are mentioned. In addition, we can also send the GPS fix (location) to the emergency message.

The emergency message is then sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). These certified alarm centers receive alarms from organizations and individuals alarm systems. This ensures that the signal is monitored, for example by sending surveillance vehicles or by sending the signal to emergency services. Because of this certification and associated legal requirements, only a small number of ARCs are active and a number of security companies have their own ARC.

If you want to receive additional information about this functionality, please contact us at: app@montr.nl / + 31 88 033 30 68.