5 May 2017 / Uncategorized

More efficiency in fraude investigation pays off

Insurance fraude is to often rewarding, that’s clear. Annually, insurers are charged with hundreds of millions of euros of frauduleus claims.

The Dutch Center for Fighting Insurance Crime (CBV) has published an investigation explaining the profile of fraudsters. This research (unfortunately only in Dutch) shows that the insurance for motor vehicles or those of fire, building or equipment is the most likely to be fraudulent or attempted to do so.

The CBV adds that fraude investigators perform many dozens of daily visits. From experience we know that these visits are often recorded with pen and paper. The investigator then translates this to a digital investigation file.

The cost of this fraud investigation are ultimately added to the insurance fee. It is up to insurers, therefore, to keep this annual amount of fraud as low as possible, and in addition to minimize the cost of this fraude investigation.

Through the Montr Enterprise Fraude Investigation application, insurers speed up their fraude investigation operations. Per visit or investigation, this provides a real time gain that will be between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the exact arrangements of the workflow. A not unimportant advantage. Because this reduces the cost of fraud investigation and you can speed up the fraud approach by visiting more and more customers with the same amount of people.

More information? Contact Montr: app@montr.nl or directly with Stefan Meulesteen, director of Montr at +31 88 033 30 68