13 Jan 2019 / IoT

Montr proud member of the HiPEAC network

HiPEAC is a European network of almost 2.000 world-class computing systems researchers and industry representatives. 

Montr is proud for being accepted as an industry partner for this impressive network. Since 2004, the HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) project has provided a hub for European researchers and industry representatives in computing systems; today, its network, the biggest of its kind in the world, numbers almost 2,000 specialists. It provides a platform for cross-disciplinary research collaboration, brings together representatives from research, industry and policy, and helps prepare the next generation of world-class computer scientists.

By participating in HiPEAC, industry members gain access to over 800 PhD students with the specialist skills needed for a wide range of computing roles. They can form partnerships with researchers and get access to the latest research developments, as well as influencing the direction of computing systems research through the HiPEAC Vision and European Commission concertation meetings.

HiPEAC allows innovation specialists access to a large network of highly specialized researchers, as well as making them the first to find out about research results which could be turned into disruptive products or services.