29 Nov 2018 / IoT

Emergency messaging over Narrowband IoT network

Montr presents topnotch technology during DIH event 2018 in Warsaw. 

Montr was invited by the European Commission to join the yearly Digital Events Hub 2018 in Warsaw. During this event, Montr presented her new Narrowband IoT equipped emergency button. Both Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, and Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of entrepreneurship and technology Poland were briefed by the director of Montr on this new technology. And next to that the overall possibilities of these new 5G technologies – as Narrowband IoT and LTE cat M- were discussed.

During the event, lots of interest was sparked regarding this new technology. Especially when it comes to tackling social issues like aging healthy and (in-) security.

As already mentioned in a previous post Montr received support from the Tetramax consortium to collaborate with her Norwegian partner Smarthelp for integration of this new technology into the Smarthelp platform. The Tetramax consortium is supported by the European Union and 23 high ranking European universities and multiple European multinationals.

For this project, Montr integrated the NB IoT equipped emergency button into the Smarthelp systeem. This Norwegian SaaS solution for secure emergency messaging and handling is a completely new solution. Civilians can store -in a secure and privacy compliant way- their personal data which will only be used when an alarm is raised. The Smarthelp system is integrated with the local emergency response services like ambulance, police and fire department.