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Characteristic of all these apps is that they are customizated for a specific business or organization. And that they are integrated into the local IT infrastructure, pre-data being read by the app and retrieved afterwards. Adapted to the specific work process and of course in its own look and feel.

This is all driven through one framework management system (FMS). That can also be hosted by us locally. We have one generic code base for which we quickly and efficiently build a suitable app for each client in a modular way. This is called Montr Enterprise: one mother app, one central API and one central FMS. This ensures stability and cost effectiveness, and customization at the same time possible.

These enterprise apps are centrally developed and maintained by us. An efficient and proven method whereby we can continually provide specific updates and developments to our customers in addition to the regular maintenance which is included.

The major advantage of this approach is that our customers work with a customized application with a technically sustainable foundation that is constantly being updated and improved.

Montr enterprise
Montr enterprise
Montr enterprise
Demo Montr Enterprise

Curious about the Montr Enterprise solutions? We’re glad to come along for a free demo, explaining in detail the possibility’s. We will also discuss the experiences of the clients who are already working with this solution.

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